2A GEIGER LANE, Warren, NJ 07059

Property Details:

Block: 00073 Lot: 00010 02 Qualifier: 
Property Owner: BOILING SPRINGS SAVINGS BANK Owner Address: info available Owner City/State/Zip: info available
Property Class:  2-Residential Total Sq. Ft: 8344  
Land Descr: info available Bldg Descr: 2S-F;5GAR Calc Area: info available
Assessment - Land: info available Assessment - Improved: info available Assessment - Total: info available
Estimated Taxes: info available Tax Rate: info available Ratio: info available

Last Sold:

Amount: $900,000.00 Deed Date: 08/04/2014 Record Date: 08/06/2014
Buyer: info available    
Seller: info available Book: info available Page: info available

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